Below you'll find a list of park brochures that will help you plan a safe, enjoyable trip to Lava Beds National Monument.

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Planning Your Visit

  • A park ranger giving at tour at Captain Jacks Stronghold.
    Things to See and Do

    Lava Beds has something for everyone- find your adventure with the help of our Things to See and Do Brochure.

  • Rainbow over the visitor center parking lot.

    Knowing the weather is an important step in planning your visit. Learn about the parks weather conditions in our Weather Brochure.

  • Hercules Leg Cave entrance.

    Whether you're a beginner caver or expert spelunker, prepare to cave at Lava Beds with our Know Before You Go Caving Brochure.

  • Two people enjoying a hike.
    Hiking Trails

    Lava Beds has thirteen trails for you to explore. Find the perfect one for your visit in our Hiking Trails Brochure.

  • Map of Indian Well Campground.
    Area Lodging & Camping

    Want to stay overnight? Learn about our park campgrounds and local lodging options in our Area Lodging & Camping Brochure.

  • View of the beautiful lands of Lava Beds.
    Wilderness Camping

    Want to camp in the over 28,000 acres of designated Wilderness at Lava Beds? Plan safely with our Wilderness Camping Brochure.


History & Culture

  • Art in the rocks at Petroglyph Point
    Rock Art

    Learn about carved petroglyphs and painted pictographs in the Rock Art Brochure

  • Woman grinding wocus (water lily seeds), photo provided by the Klamath Tribes
    Early Modoc History

    Learn about Modoc history through their daily routines, spiritual practices, and social lives in our Early Modoc History Brochure.

  • Illustration of Captain Jack's Stronghold during Modoc War
    Modoc War

    Learn about the devastating war taken place on Modoc homeland in 1872-1873, in our Modoc War Brochure.

  • Schonchin Butte Lookout.
    Schonchin Butte Lookout

    Learn about the historic fire lookout the trail leading up to it in our Schonchin Butte Lookout Brochure.


Nature & Science

  • Close up of a Townsend's Big-eared Bat hanging in a cave.

    Learn about the sixteen species of bats inhabit the caves, cliff faces, and forests within the park in our Bats Brochure.

  • Medicine Lake Shield Volcano .

    Learn about the parks geological features and how they came to be in our Geology Brochure.

  • Firefighters tending to a prescribed burn.
    Wildland Fire

    Learn about one of the most powerful forces of nature and the ecological importance it serves in our Wildland Fire Brochure.



  • Juniper Titmouse.

    Whether you're a beginner or a pro birder, learn what birds you can spot here at Lava Beds with our Birds Checklist.

  • Tree frog in cave.

    Learn about the frogs and toads you might see in this seemingly less-than-ideal environment with our Amphibians Checklist.

  • Fence lizard lounging on a rock.

    Find out what species of lizards and snakes call the Lava Beds home with our Reptile Checklist.

  • Bitterbrush.

    Lava Beds provides unique conditions for plants to grow. Identify the plants around you using our Plants Checklist.

  • Pika (NPS/T. Reicher).

    Learn about what mammals you might spot on your visit with our Mammals Checklist.

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Last updated: May 9, 2024

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