Environmental Factors

Drilling an ice core out of a cave for testing
Drilling an ice core out of a cave for testing
Climate Change

A worldwide phenomenon, climate change may now be affecting the environment of the Lava Beds. Monument staff now monitors cave ice, wildlife populations, and other trends to detect changes.

Firefighter at Big Nasty Prescribed Burn
Firefighter at Big Nasty prescribed burn.
Fire Regime:

How often do different habitats naturally burn in wildland fires?

Learn more about fire ecology at interpretive summer programs.

A botanical illustration of common mullen, a noxious weed.

Non-Native Species

Noxious weeds are a major problem throughout the West.

Learn more about native and invasive plants at interpretive programs in summer. Your support can help fight the spread of invasive plants at Lava Beds. More information>>>

Air quality monitoring equipment

Air Quality Monitoring

Would you believe that dust storms in Mongolia can affect Lava Beds?

For more information on Lava Beds air quality please visit these sites:




Lightscape / Night Skies

The starry skies over the Lava Beds are a dream for amateur astronomers. High altitude, clean, dry air, and a remote location far from urban light pollution are key to the great view.

During each summer, we have an annual astronomy day and night sky viewing event where we have daytime activities and then set up telescopes in the parking lot at night. Call the Visitor Center at 530-667-8113 for more information.

Print out a current star chart for your visit to Lava Beds (41* 43' N / 121* 31' W) here>>>

The night sky, with Milky Way, over the Lava Beds

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Last updated: August 12, 2019

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