Chilkoot Trail Conditions Report

Looking across a rocky area a mountain pass with clear blue skies Cloudy view of a rocky area with a stream in the middle and almost no vertical visibility
Looking from the Scales toward Chilkoot Pass on August 21st. NPS photo/A. Brady
The same view two days later, August 23rd. NPS photo/A. Brady



September 23, 2016

U.S. Park Service Rangers and Parks Canada Wardens are no longer on patrol. There is no cell phone coverage along the trail. Iridium Satellite phones may work in some areas. Satellite phone users may seek 24 hour emergency assistance through Denali Dispatch at 1-907-683-6351 in US or Jasper Dispatch at 1-877-852-3100 in Canada. At Log Cabin your closest contact for help is Canadian Customs at Fraser (four miles south of Log cabin parking lot along the Klondike Highway). Bad weather conditions may delay medical or rescue assistance for several days. Helicopter medical evacuations from the trail will cost a minimum of $1600. Trail hikers are advised to consult their medical insurance policies before starting their hike.

The trail above treeline is unmarked and not readily identified during the off season. Route finding skills are essential. Carry a map and compass. Due to recent rains expect some standing water and muddy spots on sections of the trail. Seasonal flooding of the first six miles of the Chilkoot Trail is possible into October. We recently experienced a mudslide at 5.5 mile. The slide is approximately 100 feet wide and 15 feet deep with a stream in the bottom.The stream can be crossed by rock hopping and there is a pink piece of webbing where the trail continues on the far side of the slide.Despite the large amount of debris the area seems stable enough to cross.However, hikers should not delay in this area. The trail is snow-free at present. Creek crossings may be slippery. Shelters for preparing meals and warming up are available at all campgrounds except Deep Lake. Trekkingpoles are highly recommended for snow travel and creek crossings. Visit NPS Visitor Center at 2nd and Broadway for latest conditions and to record trip itineraries.


Weather conditions above tree line change quickly and can be more extreme as elevation is gained. Rain, fog, high winds, snow and sleet can be expected at any time of year. Temperatures will dip below freezing at night at higher elevations over the coming weeks. Come dressed and prepared for cold weather environmental conditions.


Explore the weather conditions for the last 24 hours at

See the latest conditions from a weather camera at Chilkoot Pass.

Hikers need to register for the trail and customs at the National Park Visitor Center on 2nd & Broadway. There is no permit fee at this time.U.S. Customs phone # is 907-983-3144. Canadian Customs at Fraser can be reached at 867-821-4111 for further questions in regards to crossing the border.
Brown and black bears are encountered frequently along the trail.Stay on the trail and travel in groups, if possible. Use food storage lockers that are located at all of the designated camping areas, except Pleasant Camp. If hikers plan on staying over night at Pleasant camp will need to bring 30 feet of rope for the bear pole.For your safety cook at or in the warming shelters, so as to keep food smells away from your tent site. Also, please do not leave your pack unattended at any point along the trail. A quick visual sweep after you are ready to leave camp will help to insure that no garbage, food or personal belongings are left behind. Pack out all garbage!Do not place wrappers and trash in the wood stoves!



For additional information stop by the NPS visitor center in Skagway or call (907) 983-9200. This report is intended to stress the changing trail conditions only and will not substitute for the essential information found in other brochures and your own common sense. For online information, visit our Chilkoot Trail page.
Two rangers carry trail markers up a steep, snowy mountain
At the end of May park rangers begin marking the snowy route up Long Hill and the Golden Stairs.

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