Where Water and Wind Dance

Deep within Kenilworth lies an oasis, hidden behind trees and cattails. It's a place where beavers build their homes and turtles sleep on logs. Lotus blooms rise from the muck and lilies sit on the water. The wind dances with the dragonflies, rustling through the trees, carrying the song of the birds until it brushes across your face, fading to a whisper, saying "come join."

stylized pink lotus flower that is the festival logo

2021 Virtual Lotus & Water Lily Festival

Although the lilies and lotus flower festival was in July, you can enjoy the videos from the festival and expand your knowledge!

several pink lotus flowers and leaves rise up from the ponds

What's Blooming Now?

No matter the season, plants and wildlife in the park are ever-changing. Check the current conditions before you visit!

A small brown lodge like visitor center next to a brown glass roof hot house with a flower in front

Plan Your Visit

Open every day except January 1, Thanksgiving, and December 25, Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens welcomes visitors from near and far.

Last updated: December 2, 2021

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