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Bald eagles leave the nest in August and migrate through until about February.

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When is the best time to come?

Because there are so many reasons to come to the park, the answer depends on your interests. Late May through September is the summer flower blooming period. The most important thing to remember for flowers is to come in the morning before flowers close for the day. October through March is a good time for birding as leaves are off the trees, and animals are easier to see.

Is this a good place to bring my toddler?

The park is acres of open ponds with narrow paths. No fences exist and there are muskrat holes in the paths. So, there is no obstacle between your toddler and the wildlife or ponds which are deep in mud. If you can keep hold of your toddler this is a place they can see wild life at home in stead of cages, but that means you have to take responsibility for the safety of the animals and your toddler. The first warm days of spring are best for wild life watching.

Are leashed dogs allowed?

We're dog gone friendly but not all our visitors or resident animals are. Please only bring friendly dogs on leashes to the park. We have a water bowl at the visitor center if you need it.

How do I dispose of snack wrappers and drink cups?

Because of wildlife problems and trash entrapment, we encourage visitors to take wrappers, extra food and cups home with them when they leave.

Last updated: July 21, 2018

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