Things to know for a safe visit:

General Safety

  • Contact 911 or the Maine Warden Service for any emergency.
  • There are no services for water, food, or fuel within the monument boundaries. Pack in enough water to stay hydrated through the day, or learn about safe ways to treat water for drinking.
  • Mobile phone and GPS coverage is spotty and unreliable. Travelers to the area should carry up to date maps of the local area and download the NPS App for offline use.
  • Swift Brook Road is the designated road to the south entrance. Some GPS or cell phones might direct travelers to roads that are not suitable for most vehicles. Stacyville Road and Roberts Road are commonly misdirected roads and not recommended. They are unmaintained, high-clearance 4WD road, not suitable to passenger cars, RVs, or inexperienced drivers.
  • Store your food properly for the safety of you and the wildlife.
  • Sanitary facilities are limited to a few vault toilets.
  • Spring and fall can bring a range of weather conditions; please check local weather and current conditions when planning your visit. As with many places in Maine, early spring snowmelt can lead to difficult and muddy road conditions. Many roads are closed during this time to reduce road damage and for your safety. Travelers are advised to stay off of muddy roads.

Roads and Driving Safety

  • The roads leading to and in the monument are unpaved.
  • All vehicles (including bicycles, e-bikes, and other motorized vehicles) must follow established speed limits when traveling within Katahdin Woods and Waters NM. The Katahdin Loop Road and Seboeis River Road speed limit is 15mph. All other roads within Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument have a 25mph speed limit. Sometimes, vehicles may need to travel at slower speeds depending on current road conditions.
  • A high-clearance vehicle is recommended for unimproved roads. Roads are not recommended for RVs or trailers.
  • Roads can be narrow in some sections, please drive slowly and be prepared to pull aside for oncoming traffic, including logging vehicles. Logging trucks ALWAYS have the right of way.
  • Abandoned roads exist throughout the monument. Please be attentive to your route and stay on suggested roads. The NPS App (saved for offline use) can be helpful.
  • Privately managed gates may affect travel plans. Check current conditions for most recent information.

Boating and Water Safety

  • When boating, always wear a PFD (36 CFR §3.8). A helmet is recommended when paddling through areas with rapids.
  • Paddlers are advised to take portage trails around all rapids within the monument.
  • If you plan to ford the Wassataquoik Ford for the IAT or access trails between the Wassataquoik and the East Branch, familiarize yourself with safe practices of crossing a stream.
  • Check the flows of the East Branch of the Penobscot River, and Seboeis River before entering the water.

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Last updated: June 20, 2024

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