Highlining & Slacklining

Color photo of a highliner halfway across a line stretched between two towering monoliths. Arms are up for balance.
Highlining at Hemingway

NPS / Daniel Elsbrock


Highlining and slacklining are increasingly popular activities in Joshua Tree that involve balancing and walking along a length of webbing stretched between two anchor points. For safety, highliners should wear a climbing harness leashed to the main line. To protect park resources, and especially Joshua trees, please observe the following rules:

  • Slacklines may be attached to rocks, but not to vegetation. Joshua trees have shallow root systems and cannot handle the torque that a tight line requires.

  • Slacklines are not permitted in campgrounds because of safety concerns and damage to park resources. Improperly placed slacklines have broken picnic tables, toppled Joshua trees, and dislodged bulletin boards.

  • Unattended slacklines and fixed lines will be removed by rangers and the owner will be cited.

Fixed Anchors/Bolting

The popularity of highlining has exploded in the past decade necessitating management actions to protect the quality of the highlining experience and of the natural environment. Adding fixed anchors and bolting require the highliner to consider the impacts of new bolts on the quality of existing highlining spans and climbing routes, natural and cultural resources, and the experience of other visitors. You will need to fill out a bolting proposal form if your potential span will be in designated wilderness or you plan to use a power drill in a non-wilderness area.

The bolting policy varies between wilderness, non-wilderness, anchor-free zones, and cultural sites. Please visit the Bolting page for more information.

How to get a Permit

These procedures were established by the National Park Service in cooperation with the climbing and highlining community Your participation in helping to maintain a quality park experience is appreciated.

Last updated: December 31, 2023

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