Joshua Tree To Host Venus Transit Event

Joshua Tree National Park will host a viewing opportunity as the planet Venus passes directly between Earth and the sun on Tuesday, June 5. Event activities will be held at the Oasis Visitor Center at 74485 National Park Drive in Twentynine Palms.

The Venus Transit will begin locally at 3:05 pm and last until the sun sets at approximately 7:53 pm. This rare celestrial occurance will be the last opportunity for anyone alive today to witness this unusual planetary alignment as the next Venus Transit visible from Earth is not predicted until the year 2117.

Here is the schedule of activities:

2 pm Telescopes with special filters will be set up to allow viewing of the sun. Long before the Venus Transit is visible, solar observers will be able to see sunspots and any solar flare activity
3:05 pm Venus, appearing as a small dot, will begin to slowly glide across the face of the sun.
7:53 pm Approximate time of sunset. This will conclude the Venus Transit event.
8:30 pm Night sky program presented by National Park Service rangers and park volunteers.
9:30 pm Night sky program concludes

For further information about the Venus Transit viewing activity at Joshua Tree National Park, contact Night Sky Ranger Pam Tripp at 760-367-5534.

Safe Viewing Techniques: Viewing the Venus Transit poses the same dangers to the eyes as watching a solar eclipse. Never look directly at the sun! Never look at the sun through binoculars or a telescope unless you have approved solar filters! Sunglasses are NOT adequate!

For more information and other ways to participate in the Transit of Venus, visit:

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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