Park Regulations Revised

Joshua Tree National Park has issued revised park regulations in the Superintendent's Compendium. National Park Service Superintendents are authorized to issue park-specific regulations under the Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 1 and 2.

The Compendium codifies park regulations “necessary for the maintenance of public health and safety, protection of environmental or scenic values, protection of natural or cultural resources, aid to scientific research, implementation of management responsibilities, equitable allocation and use of facilities, or the avoidance of conflict among visitor use activities.”

Revisions contained in the 2011 Joshua Tree National Park Superintendent’s Compendium are as follows:
  • Changes lakes to impoundments.
  • Changes inflated balloons from “is” to “can be” lethal.
  • Prohibits the use of any radio-controlled toy or similar device.
  • Conforms the park to the recently changed national office guidelines concerning group size of 26 or more need a permit for public assemblies, meetings, gatherings, demonstrations, parades, or other public expression of views. Small groups may still apply for a permit in order to guarantee their use of a particular area. Maps are available from the Superintendent’s Office.
  • Corrects Cottonwood Visitor Center public assembly area location description from “west” to “southeast” of the visitor center.
  • Amends Commercial Photography & Filming permits to include student projects, which will be free to students.
  • Clarifies that occupancy of a campsite is for the intent of overnight accommodation only. The use of a campsite for picnicking or day-use activity is prohibited.
  • Clarifies that non-reservation campsites are on a first come, first served basis and that sites may not be saved. The holding or reserving of a campsite by anyone not intending to immediately and personally occupy the campsite is prohibited. Holding a campsite for another individual who is not immediately present at the campsite is prohibited.
  • Corrects the number of vehicles that can safely be parked due to area realignment at six of the Indian Cove Group Campsites.
  • Prohibits the use of recreational vehicles and habitable trailers at Cottonwood and Sheep Pass Group campgrounds. These group campgrounds will be for tent camping only.

These revisions to the Compendium are adopted with the issuance of this press release. Warnings will be issued for the first 30 days. The Indian Cove Group Campsite parking limits and tent camping only in Cottonwood and Sheep Pass will take effect in 365 days.A complete copy of the Superintendent’s Compendium is available on the park’s web site at:

Questions about the Superintendent’s Compendium and the current revisions should be directed to District Ranger Jeff Ohlfs at 760-367-5548.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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