Revised Park Regulations Issued

Joshua Tree National Park has issued revised park regulations contained in the Superintendent’s Compendium. The Compendium is a list of park-specific regulations National Park Service Superintendents are authorized to issue under the Code of Federal Regulations (36CFR, sec.1.5).

The Compendium codifies park regulations “necessary for the maintenance of public health and safety, protection of environmental or scenic values, protection of natural or cultural resources, aid to scientific research, implementation of management responsibilities, equitable allocation and use of facilities, or the avoidance of conflict among visitor use activities.”

Changes to the Joshua Tree National Park Superintendent’s Compendium are as follows:

  • Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates (UTMs) have been added to more precisely describe day-use areas within the park.
  • Six climbing/bouldering routes have been closed to protect sensitive cultural resources.
  • Acquiring water for domestic purposes from non-pay park faucets is prohibited.
  • Light Art Performances require a special-use permit.
  • The viewing or projection of movies, etc. in campsites using detachable screens requires a permit.
  • Vehicles, including combinations of vehicles, exceeding 25 feet are prohibited in Hidden Valley Campground.

These revisions to the Compendium are adopted with the issuance of this press release. The complete Superintendent’s Compendium is available here.

Questions about the Superintendent’s Compendium and the current revisions should be directed to Joshua Tree District Ranger Jeff Ohlfs at 760-367-5548.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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