Joshua Tree Revises Park Regulations

Superintendent Curt Sauer announced that Joshua Tree National Park has revised park regulations contained in the Superintendent’s Compendium. The Compendium is a list of park-specific regulations National Park Service Superintendents are authorized to issue under the Federal Code Regulations (36CFR, sec.1.5).

The Compendium codifies park regulations “necessary for the maintenance of public health and safety, protection of environmental or scenic values, protection of natural or cultural resources, aid to scientific research, implementation of management responsibilities, equitable allocation and use of facilities, or the avoidance of conflict among visitor use activities.”

Revisions to the Superintendent’s Compendium for Joshua Tree National Park are as follows:

  • The Coxcomb Adit and Mission Mill Site areas are removed from their status as ‘day-use-only’ areas.
  • The Pinto Wye and Cottonwood Well Service roads are closed to public access.
  • Entering park mines and adits is prohibited.
  • Use of Segways by mobility-impaired individuals for mobility assistance is now permitted on park trails.
  • Use of inflated balloons within the park is prohibited without a permit.
  • Use of the Black Rock Campground and Ryan Campground Horse Camps requires reservations and is limited to horse groups only.
  • Campers must pay for campsites within one hour of their occupancy.
  • Check-out time for all park campsites is 12 Noon on the day of departure.
  • No fixed lines are allowed in park campsites. Lines used to secure tents and tarps to the ground are permitted.
  • Hanging lanterns from park vegetation is prohibited.
  • Outdoor showers used in park campsites must have containment basins.
  • Winter recreational activities are prohibited on park roads.
  • Swimming, wading, and bathing are prohibited at the 49 Palms Oasis.

These revisions to the Compendium are adopted with the issuance of this press release. A complete copy of the Superintendent’s Compendium is available at:

Questions about the Superintendent’s Compendium and the current revisions should be directed to Joshua Tree District Ranger Jeff Ohlfs at 760-367-5548.

Last updated: February 28, 2015

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