Digital Scavenger Hunt

Use the website to help you explore Joshua Tree National Park! Find answers in the different sections under the “Learn About the Park” Tab located at the top left of the park homepage. Download the Digital Scavenger Hunt PDF here.


History and Culture

Before it was designated as a National Park, American Indians called Joshua Tree home. What three native peoples lived in the Southern California desert region?

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What are some natural resources found in the park that can be used for survival?

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A mural of a woman in a desert landscape.

NPS / Renata Harrison

What year did Joshua Tree become a federally protected area?

Do an online search to find another event that happened in this same year.

Who helped establish federal protection of Joshua Tree National Park?

Name two reasons she felt the need to protect this area:
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Nature: Animals

Pick one animal from each of the following types and write one interesting fact you found about each:

Birds flying around a palm tree.

NPS / Brad Sutton











What animal would you like to see the most when visiting Joshua Tree and why?


Nature: Plants

How many plant species are found in Joshua Tree?

Draw a picture of a plant that grows in Joshua Tree National Park.

Draw a picture of a plant that grows where you live.

What is one thing these two plants have in common? What is one thing that makes them different?

Name two reasons why the Joshua Tree is a unique species:

If you were going to name a plant after someone, what would you call it?


Nature: Natural Features and Ecosystems

Name three characteristics of a Desert Ecosystem:

What two distinct deserts can be found in Joshua Tree National Park?

Watch the short video under the “Geologic Formations” section and answer the following questions:

How long ago did Joshua Tree’s rock formations begin to form?

What is molten rock trapped underground called?

Draw a rock formation you could see in the park below.

What does the word “wilderness” mean to you?

What percentage of Joshua Tree National Park is protected as Wilderness?

Continue Learning! Hold a mini-discussion with your class or household! Brainstorm together what things people might use Wilderness for today.

Think of a place that is special to you. How have you seen this place change over time? How do those changes make you feel?


Nature: Science and Research

Check out one scientific study that is currently going on in the park! Write the name of the study here:

What is this study about?

Imagine you are a scientist out in the desert! What would you be curious about?


Plan Your Visit

Now it's time to plan your very own visit to Joshua Tree National Park! Find the following answers in the different sections under the “Plan Your Visit” tab located at the top left of the park homepage.

What is the weather like in the Hidden Valley area of the park today?

Find a campground inside the park that you would like to stay at.

Pick a place that you would like to go to in Joshua Tree National Park. What types of things can you expect to see at this place?

Name three activities you would like to do during a visit to the park:

Check out our “Safety” page. It is an important page to research before exploring a new area. List two ways to keep you and your family can prepare and keep safe during a visit:

Draw a picture below of you and your family ready for your trip to the desert. Keep in mind things you would want to bring with you to make sure you are prepared.

Name two things you can do to help protect and preserve Joshua Tree National Park:

One of the best ways to help protect National Parks is to share what we know about them with others. Think of someone you want to share your new Joshua Tree National Park knowledge with. Write their name below. you be curious about?



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