3F Winning Essays | 2018

3F Winning Essay "What JFK Means to Me" by Felix Situ
People always say JFK is smart and brave, but how do you it’s true? Well, those people are right, and this essay is going to prove it. JFK was a brave and smart man.
Because of JFK’s smart and quick thinking, he stopped the Cuban Missile Crisis from becoming a war. JFK sent ships to surround Cuba so the weapons couldn’t get to Cuba. Other leaders should look up to this example to stop other crises that are similar, like the North Korean Missile Crisis.
JFK was a brave man because when People wanted to pass a law to end segregation JFK approved of it with the risk of losing southern supporters. This should inspire other leaders to be brave and not afraid to do what’s right, even if it’s unpopular with some people.
Also, JFK joined the navy (which is brave because he might die!). As he was patrolling, a Japanese boat slammed into his boat! One man was hurt and he took a risk to save that man. People everywhere should be inspired when they hear this story.
Because of JFK’s courage and intelligence, JFK saved millions of lives and made the world a better place. Together, we can continue what JFK started.

3F Runner-Up Essay "What JFK Means to Me" by Dylan Silver
Have you ever made a really good decision that made you feel proud of yourself? Well that’s what John Fitzgerald Kennedy did a lot. Jack was a hardworking man who made a lot of good decisions and choices.
When Jack was a kid, he got on a bus and accidentally bumped into another boy. They started to fight. The bus driver made them move away from each other. Jack made a good decision to shake hands with the boy and they became friends. Maybe if he didn’t try to work it out with the boy they would be mean to each other. That was a smart idea for a kid.
Another reason I think Jack was a good decision maker is that during the Cuban Missile Crisis Jack was under pressure to make a decision either to go to war or not. Instead of making a quick decision even though he was under pressure he still took his time and really thought about it. If he didn’t take his time we might have gone to war.
Finally, Jack made a good decision when he was made fun of in the senate. The other senators thought he grew up wealthy and was too young to have the job. Also they were jealous because he was smart and handsome. That didn’t stop him. Also if he talked back then he would make it worse and they would keep making fun of him.
Imagine if Jack was still alive. Think of all the good decisions and choices he would make. The world would be so much better.

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