3D Essay Winners | 2018

3D Winning Essay "What JFK Means to Me" by Shani Weitz
JFK was brave, what else was he? JFK was born on May 29 in Brookline, Massachusetts on Beals Street which was also his house. JFK was famous for his involvement with NASA and the first man on the moon. Among all, JFK was a goofball at home.
JFK was very goofy at during his childhood. JFK always wanted to beat Joe (his older brother) but since Joe was bigger, older, and stronger, which meant he had to be smarter. One time when Jack and Joe were eating cake, Joe ate the cake part first to save the frosting for last. So when Joe was not looking, Jack stole the frosting right off Joe’s plate and scarfed it right up. That is one way that JFK was a goofball.
JFK was Irish Catholic so he went to church to pray. A different reason JFK was a goofball is Jack’s mother, Rose, told to go to church and pray for a happy death. So Jack went to church but instead of praying for a happy death he prayed for two dogs. When Jack’s mom found out she was absolutely furious.
This is my last reason why he was a goofball. JFK went to devotion school up until third grade. He didn’t go on to fourth grade at Devotion school. Back when Jack went to devotion school it did not have an after school program so when Jack and Joe got home nobody was there to look after them. One day when Jack and Joe came back from school the two boys started playing on the neighbor’s roof. Their mom was so mad that she moved them to the Dexter School which had an afterschool program.
People often think of JFK for his consistent bravery but few people know he was also a goofball at home. JFK went to Devotion School, I also go to Devotion School which is cool. I learned from JFK that someone may die what but what they tried to do will still grow.
3D Runner-Up Essay "What JFK Means to Me" by Ella Ben Ami
“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. My fellow citizens of the world ask not what America will do for you, but what we together can do for the freedom of men.” This is what John Fitzgerald Kennedy said in his inauguration speech. JFK was born on Beals Street, Brookline. He served in the Navy, worked as a Senate, and later on became America’s 35th president. John F. Kennedy was brave throughout his entire life.
The first reason he was brave was because he saved lives in the Navy. When JFK was in the Navy his boat the PT 109 got crashed into by a Japanese destroyer. JFK carried a man who was too burned to swim to shore. Sadly 2 men were lost. JFK swam day and night looking for a rescue boat. At last 2 Indian men helped them get a message to the Navy. JFK got a purple heart and a special medal. This was brave of him because he could’ve died, but he put his crew first.
Another reason he was brave was that JFK was often sick, but never stopped working hard. He was sick with whooping cough, the measles, and once even scarlet fever a disease which could have ended his life! He survived every illness and continued to work hard, be brave, and eventually became president of the United States.
And lastly JFK wanted to go to space. This was very brave of him, but also dangerous but he couldn’t resist it! JFK wanted to explore space and send a man to the moon. And he did start the idea, but unfortunately he died before it happened. After he died NASA got a man to the moon. Space is a place where all can go wrong, this shows JFK’s bravery.
As you can see JFK’s bravery changed the world. I feel grateful that he did what he did for America. JFK taught not only America, but the whole world that if you stay true to yourself and what you believe in you can accomplish great things.

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