3A Essay Winners | 2018

Winning Essay "What JFK Means to Me" by Alexa Wingerter
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a bold, courageous man, and he was an ambitious leader and president. His famous, outstanding work helped America become what it is today. John always thought of others before himself. He believed in equality for all people and he chased after what he thought was right, even though John knew he would make enemies on the way. JFK used his knowledge to influence others about what was right, and fix what was wrong.
One very helpful that John F. Kennedy did for America was running for president. By doing this he made himself known, and many people looked up to his ideas for help. He also helped to change unfair laws such as civil rights, and people began to love him for everything.
Another amazing accomplishment that JFK had was the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps helped people in developing countries farm, build houses, and get the right medical treatments. It also helped educate the people in need of education by building schools. John, by sending people to these growing places had his name known not only in America, but also around the planet.
To me JFK means the world. If John F. Kennedy had not taken the thoughtful steps he had, the world may not be what it is today. If John had not used his smart brain and clever ideas, and had not stuck to his belief of equality for everyone segregation could still be happening, Russia could have had the first man on the moon, and the countries JFK helped could be even poorer than they were.
JFK has taught me that giving up is never the right thing to do, and that we should always stand up for what we believe in.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy is like me because we both do stand up for what is right, and we both want everyone to be treated equally, no matter what they look like. JFK and I are alike because we both like making a little bit of trouble and mischief.
We need to remember John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the role he played in helping the world. If we forget the way John helped everyone, then maybe all of the other incredible work John F. Kennedy did will also fade away until no one even remembers who John Fitzgerald Kennedy was.
Will the countries JFK and Peace Corps members worked so hard to make better fall back to no money and have no schools for education?
John wouldn’t have wanted that and would hope that people carried on being kind and helping others today.
He never gave up when things were hard for him and we should all try to do the same.
3A Runner-Up Essay "What JFK Means to Me" by Morris May
John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a very thoughtful man because he wanted to stop segregation and he wanted all people to be treated the same way. I think JFK was a hardworking man because he ended segregation and also became our president.
Black people were hit in the head with hoses for protesting and if a black [person] went to a white school they would be threatened. Also, black people would have to give up their seat at a diner or on the bus. JFK stopped segregation which means he stopped all those horrible things and we can now all live in a fair way.
I’m like JFK because I also do not agree with segregation and I also give speeches to people. JFK and I are also alike because we both like football. JFK taught me to never give up and he taught me to always help others and to care about others. JFK taught us to be kind. My great-grandfather was kind. He drove a milk wagon and he gave Joe Jr. and Jack rides to Coolidge Corner in his wagon.
I help others by donating my toys and by donating my clothes. I also help people who need money. Three lessons that JFK taught us are to always do what’s right, for you to follow your dreams, and to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

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