2016 Conference Schedule

April 6, 2016

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston, MA

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@Imagination and Innovation in Biography and History

  • Keynote Presentation by Myra Zarnowski
    What are the "New Frontiers" in biography and historical literature for elementary and middle school readers? In this interactive plenary, Myra Zarnowski explores how innovations in biography and historical literature provide opportunities for educators to meet Common Core and other standards.
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@Expanding the Frontiers of Nonfiction for Children and Young Adults

  • How are authors creating new forms and telling new narratives in biography and history today? How can students revisit the past in a way that is relevant to their present? Mary Ann Cappiello explores how authors Candace Fleming, Emily McCully, Andrea Pinkey, and Tanya Bolden are foraging a New Frontier in nonfiction.

@Concurrent Sessions

  • Making Sense of History Using "Powerful Pairs" and Other Classroom Activities Workshop with Myra Zarnowski

    Myra Zarnowski introduces the concept of powerful pairs through hands-on activities educators can replicate in their own classrooms.

  • Building Text Sets on the Lives and Contributions of Under-Represented People in History
    Workshop with Mary Ann Cappiello

    Mary Ann Cappiello shows how librarians and teachers can build a rich set of sources for students on previously marginalized narratives in history.
@Concurrent Sessions
  • Dialogue with Emily McCully and Andrea Pinkney
    The authors discuss their books for younger readers.

  • Dialogue with Tonya Bolden and Candace Fleming
    The authors discuss their books for older readers.
@Briefing on Web-Based Conference Resources
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library educators review past conference resources available for teachers and librarians.
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