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Layers of Life: Stories of Ancient Oregon tells a story of one of the richest fossil beds in North America, John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Travel through nearly 50-million years and discover how life during the Age of Mammals and Flowering Plants responded to landscapes with fluctuating climates and explosive volcanoes. Once warm and rainy, teeming with crocodiles and palm trees, the land slowly transformed into a high desert, dotted with sagebrush steppe and pronghorns. Dynamic, 3-D animation illustrates how iconic landscape features like Sheep Rock, the Painted Hills, and the Clarno Palisades were formed.


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sheep rock webcam


Ever wonder what our paleontologists do on a daily basis? Well, now you can watch our live Paleo Lab Cam! This webcam lets you watch our scientists at work and check out the progress of cleaning up the latest fossil. If you'd like to know what the weather is doing at the Sheep Rock or Clarno units, check out the park's webcams.

Last updated: October 3, 2022

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