We are the stewards of your park and we are charged with protecting its priceless resources and ensuring they remain unimpaired for future generations. The following are links to management and planning documents that guide John Day Fossil Beds National Monument staff on how to properly manage your park.

Laws & Policies

Find links to current regulations for John Day Fossil Beds on the Laws & Policies page, as well as information on the laws and policies that govern the whole National Park Service.
  • Superintendent's Compendium
    A compendium is a written compilation of designations, closures, permit requirements and other restrictions imposed under discretionary authority found in the Code of Federal Regulations. The Superintendent's Compendium pertain only to John Day Fossil Beds and has been updated as of November 2017.
  • 36 Code of Federal Regulations
    These are regulations that pertain to all parks and monuments.

Management Documents

To preserve the resources of John Day Fossil Beds National Monument and to provide the best possible visitor experience, a lot of work happens behind the scenes. Find out more about the resources of the park.
  • State of the Park Report
    The purpose of the State of the Park reports is to provide a snapshot of the status and trend in the condition of a park's priority resources and values; summarize and communicate complex scientific information using non-technical language and a visual format; highlight park stewardship activities and accomplishments to maintain or improve the State of the Park; and identify key issues and challenges facing the park to help inform park management planning.
  • General Management Plan
    A General Management Plan is a strategic planning document that outlines the future management of a National Park Service site for the next 15 to 20 years.

History of Management and Planning at John Day Fossil Beds


Visitor & Social Science Studies

What to know more about how many people visit the park per month, year, or over the years? Then check out the visitation statistics for current, updated visitor use of John Day Fossil Beds.

Last updated: January 18, 2018

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