The JNEM Library subscribes to a variety of periodicals, some of which are specific to the National Park Service or the Department of the Interior. The following is a listing of all the periodicals in the library's holdings. The list includes both current and canceled titles. All periodicals are considered reference materials and must be used within the library. For specific requests, or other inquiries about the periodical collection, please contact the JNEM Library.

American Archivist - 1986-current

Missouri Historical Review - 1929-1970, 1973-1979, 1985-1986, 1988-current

American Heritage - 1955-1984

Missouri Historical Society Bulletin - 1949-1980

American Historical Review - 1988-1994

Missouri Historical Society Magazine - current

American History - 1992-current

Missouri Life - 1976-1983

American Preservation & Technology - APT Bulletin - 1998-current

Missouri Resources - current year only

APT Communiqué- current year only

Montana - 1961- 1972, 1985-current

American West - 1964-1966 1979-1985 1987-1989

Museum Gazette - 1988-current (irregular schedule)

Archival Issues - 1993-current

Museum News (American Association Museums) 1960-current

Archival Outlook - (formerly SAA Newsletter) current year only

Museum News (MO Museum Association) current year only

Aviso - (American Association of Museums newsletter) current year only

Museum of the Fur Trade - 1965-current

CRM Bulletin - (Cultural Resources Management) 1978-1980 1983-current

National Association for Interpretation News - current year only

Campbell House Courier - current year only

National Geographic - current year only

Citizen's Companion - 1997-current

National Parks - 1967-1983, 1986-current

Civil War Lady - 1998-current

Nebraska History -1961-1967

Cobblestone - 1900-current

New Mexico Historical Review 1989-1991

Columbia - (Washington State Historical Society) 1991-current

News Brief (Midwest Museums Conference) - current year only

Common Ground - 1996-current

News from the Plains - current year only

Gateway Heritage - 1980-current

Overland Journal - 1988-current

Great Plains Journal -

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