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The Museum Gazette explores historical subjects reflecting park themes in short, summary narratives without footnotes. The following is a list of all the Museum Gazettes grouped by topic. A gazette is available electronically if the title is underlined. If the title is not available on this Web site, please contact the JNEM Library at (voice) 314-655-1600 to request a copy.

American Westward Expansion
The Louisiana Purchase (December 1991)
"The First Gateway" - Castle Garden, Ellis Island and Westward Expansion (January 1992)
Decades of Westward Expansion: The 1850s (August 1994)
George Washington Bush and the Human Spirit of Westward Expansion (February 1999)
Early Land Laws and the American West (June 2002)

The Arch/Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
"Give Us a Concept in Two Weeks": Dick Bowser and the Arch's Unique Tram System (July 1993)
The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Archives (June 1995)
The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Archives: Part 2 (August 2002)
Landscaping the Gateway Arch Grounds (September 1995)
The Grace Lewis Miller Collection (October 1995)
Integrating Technology and Art: The Career of Eero Saarinen (September 1996)
Luther Ely Smith: Founder of a Memorial (March 2001)

Black History

Our Black Heritage (January 1989)
Blacks in the West (February 1989)
Buffalo Soldiers: The African-American Contribution to Guarding the Frontier (November 1993)
The Political Aspects of Slavery in the West, 1776-1820 (August 1999)
New Years, New Lives: The Moses Speese Family (February 2000)

Celebrated Americans
Mark Twain and the West (September 1994)
Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site (April 1995)
Zebulon Pike: Hard-Luck (January 1996)
Thomas Jefferson, Enigmatic Patriot (December 1997)
James B. Eads and His Amazing Bridge at St. Louis (January 2001)
Thomas Jefferson, Part 2: From the Revolution to the Presidency (June 2001)
Meet President Jefferson: or "My Dinner with Tom" (April 2002)

Cultural Aspects of the West
The Hispanic Heritage of the American West (July 1989)

William Holmes McGuffey and His Readers (January 1993)
One-Teacher Schools on the Western Frontier (December 1992)

Exploring and Settling the American West
The Mountainmen of the American West (November 1989)
"Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Home" The Sod House of the Great Plains (August 1990)
Soldiers on the Oregon Trail (February 1993)
"How Grand Was the Scene": Landmarks Along the Oregon Trail (August 1993)
Mormons and the Mormon Trail (January 1994)
Exploration With a Microscope: The Great Western Geological Surveys (April 1994)
Seeing the Elephant: The California Gold Rush, Part 1 (March 1999)
Seeing the Elephant: The California Gold Rush, Part 2 (April 1999)
The Homestead Act of 1862 (August 2000)
Built in a Day: The Oklahoma Land Rush (April 2001)
Seas of Grasses: The Prairies and Westward Expansion (March 2002)
The Decade of the 1870s: From Revolution to Reaction (May 2002)
The United States in 1804 (July 2002)

Holiday Traditions
A Victorian Christmas (December 1988)
A Victorian Christmas (December 1989)
A Victorian Christmas at the Old Courthouse (December 1990)
A Land of Many Traditions: Christmas in the American West (December 1990)
Christmas in Colonial St. Louis (December 1995)

Lewis and Clark
William Clark: The "Red-Headed Chief" (September 1993)
Meriwether Lewis: Intrepid Explorer (August 1997)
William Clark's Indian Museum: A Tradition Continued (October 1997)

Military & the West

The Camp Jackson Incident (May 1999)
An American Melting Pot: Foreign Born Soldiers (February 1996)
The Galvanized Yankees (July 1992)
The War With Mexico, 1846-1848 (September 1992)
Jefferson Barracks: The Early Years (May 1994)

Museum of Westward Expansion
The Great Bear (March 1991)
The Tipi: Home on the Plains (July 1991)
Animals in the Museum of Westward Expansion (April 1992)
Statues in the Museum (May 1992)
American Indian Peace Medals (June 1992)
Animals in the West: The Ox and the Mule (December 1994)
Surveying Tools in the Museum of Westward Expansion (September 1997)

National Park Service

National Park Service Celebrates 72nd Anniversary (August 1988)
Images of Our National Parks (November 1988)
National Park Service Celebrates 73rd Anniversary (August 1989)

Native Americans

A Unification of Life and Art: American Indian Porcupine Quill and Beadwork (Oct. 1993)
The Illiniwek (January 1994)
The Golden Eagle and the American Indians of the Plains (October 1994)
Red Cloud: Makhpiya-Luta, A Hero in a World Where the Center Could Not Hold (December 1993)
"Oh Woman Remember": The Memories of Buffalo Bird Woman (March 1995)
Sacagawea and Her Prismatic Story (May 1997)
The Center of the Cosmos: The Sacred Pipe (September 1999)

Old Courthouse (St. Louis)
Scandal and Dignity: The Building of the Old Courthouse Dome (October 1990)
Carl Wimar and the Old Courthouse Murals (June 1991)
The Old Courthouse Murals (June 1994)

Personal Recollections of the West

"To Me It Was All So New And Beautiful:" The Child's View of the Western Frontier (October 1991)
"A Land of Vast Spaces and Long Silences:" Women's Writings of the Santa Fe Trail (March 1994)

St. Louis - History

St. Louis and Its Past - The Fourth of July (July 1989)
Lieutenant Robert E. Lee & The City of St. Louis (October 1989)
When the World Met St. Louis (June 1990)
Keeping the Home Fires Burning - St. Louis' Stove Making Industry (February 1991)
The Telephone Comes to St. Louis (May 1991)
The Veiled Prophet: A St. Louis Tradition (September 1991)
The Irish in St. Louis (March 1992)
Mass Transportation in St. Louis (August 1992)
Hot Work in Old St. Louis: The St. Louis Volunteer Fire Departments (October 1992)
The Saint Louis Riverfront (June 1993)
East St. Louis, 1750-1876: From Piggott's Ferry to the Eads Bridge (July 1994)
The French Heritage of St. Louis: 1764-1804 (February 1995)
German Americans in 19th Century St. Louis (July 1995)
Jefferson Barracks: "Corps de Reserve" in St. Louis (November 1995)
A Tale of Two Cities: St. Louis vs. Chicago (November 1996)
The Old Cathedral (November 1997)
Whatever Happened to the Old Rock House? (January 1998)
La Montagna: Italians in St. Louis (October 1999)
Year of Disaster: The Great St. Louis Fire and Cholera Epidemic of 1849 (February 2001)
Fort San Carlos and the Defense of St. Louis, 1780 (May 2001)

Tools, Trades, Crafts & Inventions

Cowboy Cooks: Lords of the Long Drives (May 1989)
Guns of the West: The 1873 Springfield Rifle (May 1990)
Bringing the Music to the People (July 1990)
Tools of the Trade - The Steel Trap of the Fur Trade (September 1990)
"You Press the Button" A Short History of the Brownie Camera (November 1990)
Breaking the Great American Desert (January 1991)
Player Piano: The Original Home Entertainment Center (April 1991)
"...Whereby We Thrive": Harvesting Tools of the Farmer (November 1991)
Saddles in the West (February 1992)
The Sewing Machine (November 1992)
Photography in the West (May 1993)
The Hawken Rifle (January 1995)
Grief and Laughter Sewn Into the Patches: Quilts on the Frontier (August 1995)
Charles E. Barber, Artist in Metal (June 1997)
The Sharps Rifle: Its Role in the West (June 1999)


Wheels in the West: The Spanish Carreta (September 1988)
George Dorris and the St. Louis Auto Industry (October 1988)
Wheels in the West - The Overland Wagon (April 1989)
Wheels in the West - The Stagecoach (January 1990)
The Bull Boats of the Plains Indians and the Fur Trade (February 1990)
As the Pilot Wheel Turns or The Saga of the Chickasaw/Gouldsboro (March 1990)
Steamboat's A-Comin' (April 1990)
The Western Railroads (November 1994)
The Legendary Pony Express (July 1997)
The Sultana Disaster: Titanic on the Mississippi (October 2000)

Western Art/Artists

George Catlin: Artist of the West (July 1999)
Frederic Remington: Illustrator of the Mythic West. (November 1999)
"Over There I Had Friends": The Life and Art of Karl Bodmer (June 2000)


Whispers of Life: Women in the West (March 1989)
Standing in the Light of Time: The Chrisman Sisters, June 14, 1886 (June 1989)
"Oh Oregon, You Must Be A Lovely Country": Diaries of the Overland Trails (March 1993)
Women's Outfitting for the Oregon Trail (April 1993)
Jessie Tarbox Beals: Official Photographer of the 1904 World's Fair (May 1995)
Virginia Louisa Minor: Genteel Crusader for Women's Rights (March 1998)

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