What the Ranger Activities Division Is

September 28, 2010 Posted by: Cody Stief

First and most importantly, it's nearly unbelievable that I get to talk to you, the reader, the visitor, the inquisitive, and open mind about what life is like here at the Arch. It is a great honor to be the unofficial voice, or I should say text, of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial's Ranger Activities Division.

The Ranger Activities Division, known by the slick acronym RAD around here, is composed of three unique yet interwoven parts whose main purpose is to provide security and protection to the visitors of the park.

If you've visited the park before, you've undoubtedly had the pleasure of meeting the first of these parts, the Park Guard Staff. The Park Guards are the highly trained, respectful, and friendly men and women who operate the security checkpoints at the two entrances to the Gateway Arch lobby.

The second branch is referred to as Arrowhead, and is akin to a police or fire dispatch center. There is always someone on staff in Arrowhead twenty four hours a day. If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to call, regardless of the hour. Arrowhead deals with a multitude of tasks including customer service, radio operations, and the monitoring of the security cameras placed along the Arch Grounds.

 The third and final part of RAD, are the Law Enforcement Rangers. Also, a 24 hour operation, the Law Enforcement Rangers are on patrol on the Arch Grounds and around the Old Courthouse at all hours of the day and night. Although conducting patrols does make up the majority of their time, Law Enforcement Rangers, in the park wear many different hats so to speak. Some of our Rangers are also EMT's, First Responders, Firearms Instructors, and one of our Rangers is even on the National Park Service's Honor Guard.

For now, thanks for reading, if you have a comment or would like to ask me or another of the park's bloggers a question, please feel free to do so. Thanks for your time.

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