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Welcome to our blog! Here you'll find behind-the-scenes views from staff who work at the Gateway Arch and the domed Old Courthouse.

Caitlin McQuade Intro

October 12, 2010 Posted by: Caitlin McQuade

Caitlin McQuade Intro


Michelle Menne Intro

October 06, 2010 Posted by: Michelle Menne

Michelle Menne Intro


Vintage Base Ball Comes to the Gateway Arch in St. Louis

October 04, 2010 Posted by: Diane Fefferman

Vintage Base Ball (yes, it was spelled as two words originally) was played on the grounds surrounding the Gateway Arch on the first weekend in October.


The Arch is for the Birds!

October 01, 2010 Posted by: Don Rusk

Every year the Arch turns out the lights for the migrating birds during the spring and fall migrations as the bright light at night throws off the passing birds and can interupt the natural flow of the semi annual migration.


Jennifer Clark Introduction

September 29, 2010 Posted by: Jennifer Clark

Jennifer Clark intro


You're Invited

September 29, 2010 Posted by: Sue Ford

For the past two weeks the Exhibits department has been working feverishly in preparation for the opening of Paint the Parks.


Base Ball Under the Gateway Arch

September 28, 2010 Posted by: Rose Hoots, Park Permits

Just because our St. Louis Cardinals won't be playing ball at Busch Stadium in late October, doesn't mean you can't see a full weekend of "Vintage Base Ball" (yes, it was two words originally), on the Gateway Arch grounds.


What the Ranger Activities Division Is

September 28, 2010 Posted by: Cody Stief

First and most importantly, it's nearly unbelievable that I get to talk to you, the reader, the visitor, the inquisitive, and open mind about what life is like here at the Arch. It is a great honor to be the unofficial voice, or I should say text, of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial's Ranger Activities Division.


Sue Ford Introduction

September 24, 2010 Posted by: Sue Ford

Sue Ford introduction


The Flag is UP!

June 13, 2012 Posted by: Sue Ford

The finishing touch to the Victorian Fourth of July decorations at the Old Courthouse was added this morning!


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