The Flag is UP!

June 13, 2012 Posted by: Sue Ford

The Old Courthouse rotunda is decorated in red, white and blue and is waiting for new citizens to march through the doors. This morning park staff raised the 20' x 30' garrison flag in the center of the rotunda. To make this easy, we like to have 5 people involved in the task. Four people pulling the the ropes that raise the flag and one person who will go around and tie off each rope and secure it to the railing. This giant flag is the icing on the cake of this wonderfully decorated building.

All the hoopla is for Flag Day and the Fourth of July Holiday. It took 5 days to complete the transformation of what the Courthouse looks like today. This job took1 1/2 people to do the decorating other than the flag raising. I'm just returning to work after knee surgery and wasn't able to go above the second floor, so only get 1/2 a person status!. My co-worker Terry did all of the running up and down many flights of stairs, hanging greenery and bunting in al of the high places. In addition to decorating the Old Courthouse, we had to take a day to prep for the Dred and Harriet Scott statue dedication (that's a whole other blog.) This building was decorated pretty much by one man- my hat is off to him.

On June 14th which happens to be Flag Day there will be approximately 75 prospective U.S. citizens from many different countries that will take the oath of citizenship at the Old Courthouse. This ceremony will also take place again with more new citizens being sworn in on July 3rd. The Victorian Fourth of July decorations will stay on display until July 18, 2012. Please come and visit this beautiful architectural masterpiece decorated in all of it's patriotic red, white and blue splendor.


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