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September 24, 2010 Posted by: Sue Ford


Let me introduce myself, I am Sue Ford one of the Exhibit Specialists here at Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. Wearing many hats is the norm for an Exhibit Specialist in the National Park Service, from cleaning and maintaining exhibits in our 40,000 square foot Museum of Westward Expansion to working on the park's website. Oh, don't think I'm taking all the credit for cleaning the whole Museum, I have two co-workers that help with that huge under-taking.

In the ten years as an Exhibit Specialist at Jeff, the job has really evolved. It has gone from maintaining the Arch and Old Courthouse exhibit spaces to making signs, keeping animatronic figures running (we like to call them the dummies), installing exhibits that the Exhibits Department designed, installing traveling exhibits, keeping computer kiosks running and now working on the park website. I too am growing along with the department as it expands into this high tech global society.

Other staff members from different divisions and myself will be writing about our experiences here at the park and we welcome your comments. Enjoy your time on our website and if you get the chance, please come and visit Jefferson National Expansion Memorial which includes the Gateway Arch and Old Courthouse.

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