What We Monitor

Two biologists holding equipment and a clipboard in a small area surrounded by palms
Monitoring at Joshua Tree National Park

NPS Photo

Vital Signs

The Mojave Desert Inventory & Monitoring Network uses long-term ecological monitoring to track changes in selected park resources and processes we call “Vital Signs.” Just like doctors monitor your vital signs (such as blood pressure and pulse) to track your health, we monitor selected vital signs in our network parks to help us understand the condition and trends of park natural resources.

Vital signs data allow us to better understand natural processes and the results of management actions, and help guide park managers to develop effective approaches to manage and protect these resources.

In the Mojave Desert Network, our selected vital signs focus on water resources, vegetation, and landscape-scale weather and climate. To learn more about our monitoring program and projects, download our program brief.

Vital Signs Monitoring Efforts

Last updated: June 3, 2020