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Heartland Network Parks

The Heartland Network stretches from Ohio west to Kansas, and from Minnesota south to Arkansas. The size of network parks range from 160 acres, to almost 100,000 acres. These parks contain a wide variety of natural and cultural resources including sites commemorating civil war battlefields, Native American heritage, westward expansion, and our U.S. Presidents.

Heartland parks encompass many different ecosystems such as rivers, lakes, springs, prairies, wetlands, and forests. Within these parks, the Heartland Network compiles inventories of park species and natural features, and also monitors their long-term status and trends. Inventories help park managers understand the natural resources in their care, while long-term monitoring helps them understand changes that may occur in natural systems. With this knowledge, park managers can continue to keep these places special now and for future generations.

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Last updated: December 15, 2017