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Module 101: Fulfilling the NPS Mission: The Process of Interpretation (131KB)

Module 102: Informal Visitor Contacts (409KB)

Module 103: Presenting an Interpretive Talk (280KB)

Module 210: Prepare and present a conducted activity (218KB)

Module 220: Prepare and present an interpretive demonstration or illustrated program (410KB)

Module 230: Effective Interpretive Writing (260KB)

Module 270: Present an effective curriculum-based program (565KB)

Module 310: Planning park interpretation (378KB)

Module 311: Interpretive media development (454KB)

Module 330: Leading interpreters: training and coaching (480KB)

Module 340: Interpretive research and resource liaison

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The Interpretive Process Model (98KB)

Module 101 Developmental Worksheet: Applying the Interpretive Equation (163KB)

Module 101 Developmental Worksheet: Using TIU's and the Interpretive So What (86KB)

Module 102 Developmental Worksheet: Resource Meanings for Informal Interpretation (62KB) | Word Format (64KB)

Module 101/103: Developmental Worksheet: Program Organization (93KB)

Module 103: Program Self-Assessment (53KB)

Module 210 Developmental Worksheet: Interpreter's Toolbox--Involvement Techniques (48KB) Word Format (46KB)

Module 220: Program Self-Assessment (62KB)

Module 230 Developmental Worksheet: Interpretive Writing Practice Activity (71KB) | Word Format (51KB)

Module 311 Developmental Worksheet: Interpretive Structure of Media Products (128KB) | Word Format (48KB)

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Product Submission Registration Form

Submission Guidelines

Module 102 (107KB) | Log Entry (Word Format, 55KB)

Module 103 (63KB)

Module 210 (58KB)

Module 220 (60KB)

Module 230 (62KB)

Module 270 (73KB) | Questionnaire (PDF Format, 32KB; Word Format, 43KB) | Sample (87KB)

Module 310 (96KB) | Questionnaire (PDF Format, 43KB; Word Format, 46KB)

Module 311 (58KB)

Module 330 (82KB)

Module 340 (103KB)

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Anchor Products

102 Anchor Log from Grand Canyon National Park (122KB)

230 Anchor Writing from Grand Canyon National Park (78KB)

230 Anchor Writing from Lowell National Historical Park (76KB)

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Articles and Presentations

Analyze This! Analyzing and Measuring Interpretive Effectiveness by Becky Lacome. Proceeding Paper for National Interpreters Workshop, 2003 (not yet published). (113KB).

Be Relevant or Become a Relic by David L. Larsen. Journal of Interpretation Research. Volume 7, Number 1, 2003.

Interpretive Dialogue by David Larsen. Article from Meaningful Interpretation: How to Connect Hearts and Minds to Places, Objects, and Other Resources. In Press. 2003. (76KB)

Interpretive Journey by Cynthia Kryston. 1996. (39KB)

Interpretive Techniques by Peggy Scherbaum. (39 Pages) The Complete document 3,088KB; Cover Page, 302KB;
Part 1
, 1,247KB; Part II, 895KB; Part III, 674KB; Part IV, 295KB.

Interpretive Themes by David Larsen. (52KB)

Meaningful Media NAI Session Power Point (9 MB pdf). Presentation for NAI 2008 Workshop, Portland, Oregon, by Becky Lacome, Betsy Ehrlich and Roberta Wendel.

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Clicking the Icon: Exploring the Meanings Visitors Attached to Three National Capital Memorials by Theresa L. Goldman, W. Jasmine Chen, and David L. Larsen. Journal of Interpretation Research. Volume 6, Number 1, 2001.
Part I
(PDF, 1295KB) Part II (998KB).

The Craft and Concepts of Interpretation: A Look at How National Park Service Interpreters Reveal and Facilitate Opportunities for Connections by W. Jasmine Chen. Doctoral dissertation, 2003. West Virginia University. [On-line]. Available.


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