A selection of water testing equipment rests next to an open spring box.
Water quality monitoring equipment next to a spring box.

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Historical Research

Scientists and natural resource specialists have conducted research at Hot Springs National Park on a wide array of topics over the years. Here is a listing of many of their studies and papers.

1999 - 2002: Influence of Locally Derived Recharge on the Water Quality and Temperature of Springs in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

2003 - 2005: Characteristics of Thermal Springs and the Shallow Ground-water System at Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

2007 - 2009: Geochemistry, Comparative Analysis, and Physical and Chemical Characteristics of the Thermal Waters East of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

2009 - 2012: Characterization of Recharge, Natural Hydrogeologic Controls, and Potential Human Impacts on Recharge for the Hot Springs National Park

1999 - 2007, 2010: Current: Continuous Temperature Monitoring of 9 Hot Springs in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

2012 - 2014: Assessing Water Quality Trends in the Hot Springs of Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas

2012 - 2014: The Hot Springs Local meteoric Water Line -- Isotopic Composition of Precipitation for Recharge of the Thermal Springs at Hot Springs National Park

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Research Permits

Individuals and entities interested in performing scientific research on Hot Springs National Park lands will need to acquire a research permit. To do so, please follow this link, which will take you the Research Permit and Report System. From there, follow the appropriate link.

For more information and permitting procedures, please read the
Information for Researchers or contact the Natural Resource Program Manager.

Female scientist is testing the thermal springs water, surrounded by her equipment.
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