Pagoda on Hot Springs Mountain


This is Joe Herron, [former] Park Guide at Hot Springs National Park. Today we are talking about the pagoda, here at lookout point. This is built in 1910; constructed for about $1030. It was originally intended to be a fountain; however they were dismayed to find that they could not access water. The well had dried up. The road was not here at that point. It was more of a hiking or horseback stop, but later on automobile traffic would come by.

In 1937, the Superintendent, Donald Libby, wanted to tear down the pagoda., but at last minute decided not to because of improvements coming to the road. It is a very popular site for graffiti and vandalism so occasionally we have to sandblast and repaint. This is a beautiful view and one of the very popular sites here at Hot Springs National Park.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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