2006 Artist-In-Residence Images

Black and white photo with dogwood flowers on branches filling the upper half of the picture, looking across a pond to a bridge; there's a hill behind the bridge.
"Spring on Stonebridge" by Char Marie Flood, April 2006 artist
sepia tone photo of a stone structure with a large water wheel mounted on the side, shadowy foreground
"Stonebridge Waterwheel" by Deborah Warren, May 2006 artist
Vertical painting of Stonebridge with trees in the background on the far side of the bridge and a woman standing at the near end of the bridge facing as if she just walked across it; foreground is bare with shadows.
"Anna at Stonebridge" by Rick Chandler, June 2006 Artist-In-Residence
Black and white photo (taken with a pinhole camera so the edges are not square) of a Gulpha Creek looking upstream from a pool. There are large rocks flanking the creek with a small fall near the center. The artist is in the center but blurry so hard to see. Trees close in in the background.
"Self-Portrait in Swimming Hole, Looking Upstream" by Robyn Moore, July 2006 artist
View from Hot Springs Mountain overlook, showing city buildings on the right, trees in the left foreground and green hillsides in the background.
"View from Hot Springs Mountain, 2006" by Alice Evans Broughton, August 2006 artist
oil on canvas painting of the arched stone bridge that goes over a narrow pond; the bridge has a blue tone with green trees in the background and red grasses adding color to the right foreground
"Footbridge from DeSoto Discovery to Fordyce Future" by Patricia Rottino Cummins, October 2006 artist

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