2004 Artist-In-Residence Images

watercolor painting showing rock fire ring in right foreground with arc-shaped rock benches on the left; center of picture is a bridge flanked by trees
"Fire Pit at Gulpha Gorge" by Alison Parsons, June 2004 Artist
artist rendering of former ranger cabin with tree on left, artwork is with permanent marker giving a grayscale appearance
"Ranger Cabin in Afternoon Light" by Richard A. Stephens, July 2004 Artist
painting of blue Adirondack chair on Buckstaff Bathhouse porch in center with portion of brass hand rail on right and gleaming chrome ash and trash can to the left of the chair
"A Day at the Bath" by D. Arthur Wilson, August 2004 artist
A vertical painting of an evergreen tree on the left and a round shaped tree on the right, the original painting is very glossy, but dark
"Once Upon a Time" by Lisa Wilson, August 2004 artist
watercolor painting with white water lilies in the foreground and bridge in the center, trees in the background. The bridge is made of stone supports, hence the name Stonebridge Road.
"Waterlilies at Stonebridge" by Marge Katz, September 2004 artist
watercolor painting with creek in foreground, reflecting blue sky in center and orange leaves on left and shadows on right, center of picture is a light gray half moon bridge with trees on either side
"Gulpha Creek" by Gary Simmons, October 2004 artist
blue pine cone on blue
"Blue Pine Cone" by Meredith Roberts-Morris, November 2004 artist
painted on black velvet, shows Christmas trees in bright colors with royal blue upper half; far left Christmas tree is gold at top, then red, green and blue and is the tallest; next tree to right is light blue and is about a third shorter; next one to left is green and shorter still and on far right is an orange one
"God Bless Jennings Osborne" by Robyn Hazard-Bishop, December 2004 artist

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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