Green Tree Frog on a hickory leaflet. Frog is much smaller than even one leaf.
Green Tree Frog

NPS photo by Earl Adams

Wildlife within the park is typical of the Ouachita mountains region, consisting mostly of rodents, bats, and other small mammals. Because of the region's mild climate, bird species are varied and plentiful. Aquatic resources are limited to portions of several small creeks and are void of significant game fish.

A small brown frog with copper and black spots resting on fallen leaves


Amphibians are a type of animal that spends one or more stages of life in the water. They include frogs, toads, and salamanders.

A tan bird sitting on a branch


Hot Springs National Park supports a variety of song birds, wild turkey, raptors and other birds. Birding is possible all year long.

A large vibrant blue dragonfly with extended wings resting on a branch


Insects, spiders, and bugs make up the dominant form of life in the park. As the weather changes, so do our insect populations. Learn more.

A white tailed deer stands peaceful in the forest.


Hot Springs National Park is home to a diverse range of mammalian inhabitants, which range tiny chipmunks to 400 pound black bears.

Female scientist is testing the thermal springs water, surrounded by her equipment.

Research & Science

Learn more about the research permitting process and responsibilities at Hot Springs National Park.

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