Stories are the big picture…or a snapshot in time. They provide the basics – who, what, where, when, why, and how. Learn more about a few of the stories that make Hot Springs National Park unique, diverse, and a place where history comes alive.

A black and white image of a large group of men.
Uncovering Ral City

What lengths would you go to for free access to hot springs? Discover the unique history of water access at Hot Springs National Park.

A mosaic of historical images of some of the early bathhouses in Hot Springs.
African Americans & the Baths

Read about African Americans who worked in the bathhouses and buildings that were built so this group of individuals could enjoy the area.

A red building on a hillside with a yellow car in front of it on the street
Levi Memorial Hospital

Learn about Jewish heritage through the century-long partnership between Levi Memorial Hospital and Hot Springs National Park.

a series of buildings that made up  hospital
Civil War Connections at Hot Springs

Soldiers from both the Union and Confederate Armies traveled through Hot Springs, Arkansas during the 1860s. Read more about this period.

Fordyce employees from the mid 1900s gather outside the Bathhouse.
Oral History Collection

Listen to first hand accounts from bathing attendants and other bathhouse employees from around town.

A tall looming building towers on a corner over a bathhouse.
WWII and Hot Springs National Park

Veterans had been using the bathhouses in Hot Springs National Park since earlier wars and continued to seek its healing waters in WWII.

A machine for arm strengthening and chest enlarging, vertical bars with weights and pullies.
Therapy Machines of Dr. Gustav Zander

The Zander machines represent a revolution physical therapy. Learn more about the history of these remarkable strengthening machines.

Black and white portrait of Superintendent Samuel Hamblen
The Almost Shoot Out of 1884

Samuel Hamblen was the second superintendent of Hot Springs National Park and was almost shot while on duty. Read more about this story.

Last updated: September 25, 2023

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