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Looking North towards the Quapaw Bathhouse with its domed roof and large arches. Looking North towards the Quapaw Bathhouse with its domed roof and large arches.

Left image
Quapaw Bathhouse, 1922.
Credit: NPS Photo/HOSP Archives

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Quapaw Bathhouse, 2020.
Credit: NPS Photo

The dome roof of the Quapaw Bathhouse is an intricate pattern of mosaic tiles put together by hand. It has stripped tiles with flowers in between, leading to the top, with horses and lion faces surrounding the lower portion.
The mosaic tiled dome of the Quapaw Bathhouse makes it the most striking building on Bathhouse Row today.

NPS photo/Mitch Smith


The Quapaw Bathhouse is one of two locations where visitors can soak in the thermal springs. Quapaw offers private baths, public pools, and modern day spa services.The Quapaw is open every day, except Tuesday, from 10:00am - 6:00pm. Visit the Quapaw Baths website for more information.

Bathhouse History

The Quapaw Bathhouse opened in 1922. It is the longest building on Bathhouse Row, occupying the site of two previous bathhouses, the Horseshoe and Magnesia. Vacant since closing in 1984, it was the first to be leased for adaptive reuse. It reopened as a family-oriented spa in late June 2008.

An active scene in front of the Fordyce Bathhouse; people sitting ,walking, and looking joyous.
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Walking down bathhouse row, 2 historical figures are seen blended into a modern day photo.
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