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Ranger-Led Education Programs

Hot Springs offers a variety of ranger-led programs to meet your students' needs. These curriculum-based and thematic programs are offered in-park, in-school, and virtually.

Request Your Program Today

The park offers programs Tuesday through Friday. Requests should be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the program date. Programs requested outside of those days or with a quick turn around will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Education programming is limited in mid-March due to high visitation during Spring Break.

Please browse the current program options in the menus below, then submit a formal program request by emailing the Education Reservation Form to

NOTE: Hot Springs National Park requires that an Education Reservation Form is submitted as part of a formal program request.
Any requests by email or phone call are considered tentative and cannot be scheduled until an Education Reservation Form is submitted.

For help filling out this form, see below in the Education Reservation Form section.


In-Park Field Trips

Learn about the park's stories onsite by measuring thermal water springs, analyzing historic bathhouses, or finding habitat patterns.
In-park field trips typically last from 1 to 1.5 hours as students can explore the hydrology, ecology, and history of Hot Springs.

Find descrpitions of these programs in the menu below.
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    Parking Instructions for In-Park Field Trip

    In park programs are typically scheduled for 1.5 hours. The first half-hour in the program time allows flexibility for arrival times and restroom needs. Students are able to use the restrooms either in our basement restrooms or the public restrooms along Bathhouse Row prior to the program beginning.

    For most programs, groups will meet in front of the Fordyce Bathhouse at 369 Central Ave. There is a temporary loading area in front of the Fordyce Bathhouse where students may be dropped off.

    For our hydrogeology programs, “A Journey of Rocks and Water,” "How the Water Gets Hot," and "Protecting the Water," groups will meet in front of the Administration Building on the south end of Bathhouse Row at 101 Reserve Street. 

    Nearby parking options include City of Hot Springs Visitor Center (629 Central Avenue), Free Parking Garage (274 Exchange Street), and street parking on nearby side streets.

    Buses can pick up students in front of the Fordyce at the conclusion of the program.

    In School Programs

    Welcome a ranger into your classroom to introduce key understandings about the National Park Service and Hot Springs National Park. Whether it's the beginning of the school year or the start of a new topic, rangers can bring local relevance to your coursework.
    In-school programs usually last the duration of a class period as rangers introduce students to what Hot Springs protects through fun presentations and activities. These programs are also great previews to in-park field trips.
    Find descriptions of these programs in the menu below.
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      Virtual Education Programs

      Too far away to visit Hot Springs? Au contraire. Virtual programs allow any group to meet and interact with a Hot Springs ranger.
      These programs typically last 30 to 45 minutes and can fit with your group's schedule.
      Rangers will also schedule a 10 minute test call, typically a week before the program, to test the virtual connection and answer any final questions.
      Find descriptions of these programs in the menu below.
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        Education Reservation Form

        Please note that, per updated NPS policy, teachers will submit the Education Reservation Request form as part of their request for education programming.

        All requesters will fill out Section 1 (Contact Information).
        Based on the type of program you are requesting, fill out Section 2 (Park Visit/Field Trip), Section 3 (In classroom), or Section 4 (virtual/distance learning)
        NOTE*:Section 5 (Academic Fee Waiver) is not relevant to Hot Springs National Park and does not need to be filled in.

        Sign and Date at the bottom of the form. Email this form to In the subject line, write "Program Request-{institution name}."

        Due to scheduling limitations, please submit initial request at least three (3) weeks prior to desired date. Consider multiple dates for your education program to avoid scheduling conflicts.

        Program Logistics

        Due to logistical considerations, education programs are available Tuesday through Friday. Field Trips can be scheduled for the morning (start time between 9 and 10 am) or afternoon (start time between 1 and 2 pm). Most field trip programs are scheduled for 1.5 hours. Virtual and in-school programs start times can be adjusted for classroom needs. Most virtual and in school programs are scheduled for 45 minutes.

        Requests outside of those days and times may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Large groups (45+ students) should anticipate bringing students over multiple days or incorporating teacher-led programming into the visit.

        Teacher Tours

        These tours offer educators a sneak-peak of the available education programs in the park. These tours are offered at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters to include the most up-to-date program offerings.

        Led by the Education Coordinator, teachers can learn about the park, learn about the programs, and have face to face discussions about how to customize programs for their students' needs.

        Upcoming Dates:

        The next Teacher Tour dates will be around the beginning of the '24-'25 school year, in late summer. Stay tuned.


        Student Research Programs

        Hot Springs National Park works with student-led research programs at the middle and high school level, like National History Day, to support student inquiry into the park’s resources. The education staff also works with college classes to develop Public History materials for class projects and park service products. If you would like to organize student research projects for your class, please contact the education team.

        Student Letters

        For students conducting research on Hot Springs National Park, explore our resources at

        For teachers sending letters to the park, please use the address:
        Hot Springs National Park Education Team
        101 Reserve Street
        Hot Springs, AR 71901

        For return addresses, please check that return address is legible. If illegible, letters may not be returned.
        Ornate stained glass in the Fordyce Bathhouse with a statue of Hernando De Soto in the foreground.
        Curriculum Materials

        From podcasts to lesson plans, we have helpful tools to bring Hot Springs National Park into your classroom.

        Two people in clothing from the late 1800s walk down Bathhouse Row.
        Suggested Readings

        Read more stories and learn more about the wonderful history of Hot Springs National Park.

        A view from West Mountain overlook looking across rolling hills with fall colored leaves.

        Learn about the natural resources at Hot Springs National Park. This includes information about our thermal water, wildlife, and plants.

        Walking down bathhouse row, 2 historical figures are seen blended into a modern day photo.
        History & Culture

        Learn more about Hot Spring National Park's unique cultural and natural history.

        Late Archaic to Early Woodland Novaculite projectile point

        Hot Springs NP has a dense, rich archeological record with 92 sites and counting. Learn more about our history's mysteries.


        Last updated: March 26, 2024

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