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Harpers Ferry watergap
View of the water gap and the Blue Ridge Mountains from the Point.

NPS photo

When visiting the park, the natural features of the area can almost be overwhelming. From the rolling Blue Ridge Mountains that steeply rise above the historic district to the rushing waters of the Potomac and ShenandoahRivers bordering the town, one is in awe of the surrounding beauty. Seventy percent of the park is covered with eastern deciduous forest with the predominant soil type here being a shaly silt loam. Quartzite, phyllite, and limestone are the predominant rock types, each playing a role in the formation of such popular sights as the Stone Steps and the water gap. Floodplain communities line the banks of the Potomac and ShenandoahRivers. Visitors have the opportunity to experience these plus many more beautiful and exciting natural features.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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