Your Dollars At Work

Two workers in hardhats stand on scaffolding to repair stonework.
The project to stabilize the historic Pulp Mill foundations on Virginius Island was funded by fee dollars.

NPS Photo/P. Dessauer

Your park entrance fees provide vital support for park preservation, education, and maintenance.

Each year, nearly 500,000 visitors explore the history and natural beauty of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park. Restored structures, museum exhibits, wayside exhibits, trails, and educational programs--funded by fee dollars--bring history to life for visitors from all over the United States and the world.

As you enjoy Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, you may notice signs bearing the User Fee logo. Wherever you see this logo displayed, you will also see your entrance fees at work improving this park for your enjoyment and the enjoyment of future generations.

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Staff work on stone steps. Tools and equipment lay around them.
Fee dollars funded the restoration of the lower 1810 historic stone steps in Lower Town.

NPS Photo/P. Dessauer

Park projects funded by fee dollars:

  • Stabilization of historic Pulp Mill foundations on Virginius Island
  • Conservation of lower historic 1810 stone steps in Lower Town
  • Renovation of Shenandoah Street public restrooms
  • Repair and rehabilitation of the Visitor Center picnic area
  • Visitor Center repairs: light poles and restroom doors and windows
  • Replacement of aging HVAC system in Lower Town building
  • Replacement of lamp posts in Lower Town
  • Repair of Shoreline Drive culvert
  • Carpentry, painting and repairs to the John Brown Museum complex
  • Installation of new lights in the John Brown Museum complex
  • Creation of historically accurate items to be used in building restoration
  • Historic landscaping in the Lower Town

Last updated: August 1, 2022

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