Record of Determination to Temporarily Close Certain Areas of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park During Upcoming U.S. 340 Rock Slide Repair Project

36 CFR 1.5 (a)(1) General Closures -- Due to an upcoming State of West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) US 340 Rock Slide Repair Project, certain areas of the park will be closed temporarily to minimize safety risks to the public and to construction workers. All closures are located near US 340 between the John Hancock Hall Memorial Bridge over the Shenandoah River and Harpers Ferry Road (VA 671).

Coincident with the WVDOH project schedule, these temporary park closures will begin on September 12, 2023, and will reopen on December 11, 2023.

The temporary closures are as follows:
1. All climbing routes located on Loudoun Heights east of Chestnut Hill Road.
2. A portion of the Loudoun Heights Trail. The trail closure starts at a point 1.0 mile east of its intersection with the Appalachian Trail and extends to Split Rock Overlook.
3. A 0.8-mile portion of the river shoreline and hillside below the WVDOH construction zone to public use and access. This closure includes all park land downslope from the construction zone starting at the intersection of US 340 and Chestnut Hill Road and ending at the Virginia State Line.

The Superintendent may put additional, intermittent temporary closures into place for public safety if changes to WVDOH construction operations require them.

These temporary closures are warranted because WVDOH construction operations associated with the US 340 Rock Slide Repair Project have the potential to increase safety risks to park visitors and, conversely, that visitor use and presence near the construction area has the potential to increase risks to worker safety. These temporary closures will not be of a magnitude or duration to cause significant alterations to visitor use of the park.

Notice of this public use limitation will be made through news releases, park websites and social media platforms, closure maps, and posting at conspicuous locations in the affected park areas as required by 36 CFR 1.7. This determination is available to the public upon request.

/s/ Tanya Gossett
Acting Superintendent, Harpers Ferry NHP
September 6, 2023
Map showing closure of shoreline, trail, and climbing areas due to construction. Refer to accompanying text on the webpage for specifics.
Temporary park closure map showing closed section of trail, climbing areas, and shoreline.

NPS/A. Lee

Last updated: September 7, 2023

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