Traci Manning

Traci Manning staffs the field hospital during the Soldier's City living history program.
Traci Manning staffs the field hospital during the Soldier's City living history weekend.

National Park Service

Working and living in Harpers Ferry this past summer as a living historian and interpreter for the National Park Service is something I will never forget. I have been involved in living history for years and the ability to turn that hobby into a summer job was amazing. My love for history is what brought me to this place, but it was my passion for sharing history with other people that really made this opportunity worthwhile. The place is beautiful, not only in sights and scenic views, but in how the places have changed into what they are today. As an intern, I staffed various exhibits, planned and developed tours, designed special events, and most of all attempted to share the rich history of Harpers Ferry with anyone interested. While the staff was very willing to help us achieve those goals, they were also willing to let us go off in our own directions and really study the specific topics that interested us the most. The interests of the staff this past summer ranged from historic fashion to politics and weapons manufacturing to the natural geography of the area – there was never a dull moment.

I hope to take the training I received here with me wherever I go in the future; whether still with the National Park Service or some other professional field. The stories and memories we created and shared go far beyond the historic events that took place here and what you can read in books. We created our own history here in Harpers Ferry and that will remain with me as much as anything else.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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