Kara Osmonson

My experience with the education office has been both a challenging and rewarding experience. I have learned a lot about myself while working in the park as to who I am and what I want to do in my career path. Working with the students has been the most memorable experience for me here while on my internship. I love being on a program with students and seeing their eyes light up as history starts to make sense and they can see that it is applicable to them. I have discovered that I want to pursue a career working with students in and out of the classroom environment where they can really be involved in their educational experience. The Jr.NYLC group was one of my favorite parts of my experience here. The students were bright and very involved in what they were doing. They were able to teach so much about John Brown and different perspectives that people can have of him. Their debates were very insightful and they brought up a lot of great points that I had never considered before.

I have learned a lot about historical events that happened here in Harpers Ferry than I ever thought I would. The six themes of the park cover such a wide variety of topics that anyone can find something to study and learn when they come to this park. I have loved learning about all of these topics and themes as I have lived and worked here in the park. My love of history has grown to greater depths than before I came here and I hope to continue to learn and grow in my understanding of history.

I have loved the opportunity I have had to work in Harpers Ferry with the education office and the experiences that I have had were absolutely amazing. The landscape is beautiful and I always get excited to see the Ferry when I drive over the bridge and see the town coming up out of the hills. There is so much to learn from here and that I hope to be able to bring my children here in the future to see and learn the history of this special place.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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