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Junior rangers by a park ranger observing plants at the park.
Junior rangers observing plants along the Carver trail.


George Washington Carver said, " The thoughtful educator realizes that a very large part of the child's education must be gotten outside of the four walls designated as classroom."
A variety of education materials have been combined in an education packet for teachers and homeschool parents. Please call the park for items at 417.325.4151.
Each of the following packets has curriculum to help prepare students for a field trip to George Washington Carver National Monument.

Character Education Lesson Plans (2nd-high school)

Discovering George Washington Carver- A Man of Character lesson plans are offered at different grade levels. Lessons include fun activities exploring George Washington Carver's character.

Bronze statue of young George Washington Carver holding a plant.
Young George Washington Carver holding a plant.


Man of Character (2nd Grade) curriculum materials: The Life of George Washington Carver-Biography Cards

Lesson Plans & Standards

Additional Man of Character (4th Grade) curriculum materials:
The People in George Washington Carver's Life

Lesson Plans & Standards

Biography Cards

1. Moses Carver
2. Susan Carver
3. Andrew Watkins
4. Mariah Watkins
5. Stephen Frost
6. Lucy Seymour
7. Ben Seymour
8. Frank Beeler
9. Helen Milholland
10. Dr. John Milholland
11. Sophia Liston
12. Etta Budd
13. James Wilson
14. Louis Pammel
15. Booker T. Washington
16. Robert Moton
17. Austin Curtis

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A park video on the life of George Washington Carver for students (2nd thru 4th Grades).


George Washington Carver-An Original Conservationist Ecology Lesson Plans for High School Students

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