Reptiles mainly live in the tropics and subtropics although they inhabit every continent except Antarctica. Reptiles are referred to as “cold-blooded” because they do not generate enough heat within their bodies to maintain a constant body temperature (one exception is the Leatherback Sea Turtle). They rely on gathering and losing heat from the environment to regulate their internal temperature.


Gulf Islands Reptiles

  • An alligator is partially submerged in water filled with grass and reeds.

    An apex predator critical to the bayous and salt marshes of the park.

  • A close up of a diamondback terrapin on sand.
    Diamondback Terrapins

    The only turtle species to call coastal estuaries, like those surrounding Gulf Islands, their home.

  • An adult sea turtle craws toward the water on a white sand beach.
    Sea Turtles

    Five species of sea turtles live in the waters and nest on the beaches of the park.

  • A cottonmouth snake moves along a dead log with its tongue out.

    Snakes are important residents of the gulf islands, several species including venomous snakes can be found throughout the park.


Additional Reptiles at Gulf Islands

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    Last updated: April 22, 2020

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