A purple flower with a brilliant green background of leaves.
Passion Flower at Gulf Islands.

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Plants are a vital part of Gulf Islands from marine to freshwater environments to dune and maritime forest communities. They act as food, shelter, produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, making them an essential part of a healthy environment. Some plants at Gulf Islands are the building blocks of their environment like the sea oat is to dune formation. From the large historic live oak (Quercus virginiana) to the small flowers of false rosemary (Conradina canescens) and everything in between, explore the parks beautiful plants.


Gulf Islands Plants

  • Small brown blooms of sargassum float in the water near shore.

    Considered a foul smelling nuisance to some beach goers, Sargassum is more important than meets the eye.

  • Sea oats grow out of a white sand dune on a beach.
    Sea Oats

    Learn about these iconic plants that line the shores of the gulf islands.

  • An underwater image of seagrass beds in clear blue water.
    Seagrass Beds

    Playing a critical role in the health of the barrier islands and the marine animals near its shores.

  • The sun shines through the branches of a tree.
    Trees & Shrubs

    Trees and shrubs are an integral part of the Gulf Islands ecosystem.

  • Yellow flowers cover the foreground, a fort stands in the background.

    Wildflowers add a dash of color throughout the barrier islands.

Last updated: December 23, 2019

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