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Developing a workforce that better reflects the rich mosaic of the American public is one of the National Park Service's highest priorities. To recruit, engage and train diverse young people to lead our parks in the years ahead, Grand Teton National Park hosts the National Park Service (NPS) Academy in March in partnership with Grand Teton National Park Foundation. NPS Academy is an innovative program that introduces diverse undergraduate and graduate students, ages 18 to 30, from across the country to careers in the NPS.

NPS Academy interns participate in a four-phased career development program:

Phase 1: NPS Academy
Spring Break Training

Phase 2: Internship
12-week, paid internship in a variety of park careers and a mentorship with an experienced NPS professional

Phase 3: Ambassadorship
Sharing NPS experience and recruiting for future years

Phase 4: Career Development & Progression
On-going development to be effective citizen stewards and conservation professionals

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National Park Service (NPS) Academy is an innovative program designed to introduce diverse undergraduate and graduate students, ages 18 to 25 from across the country to career opportunities with the NPS. Successful candidates come away equipped with enthusiasm, professionalism, a strong work ethic and knowledge about the NPS mission and Universal Competencies. The NPS Academy maximizes career opportunities with NPS through training and hands on experiences. This program is generously funded by Grand Teton National Park Foundation.

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Internships range from wildlife, trails, social science, interpretation, fire effects research and more.
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NPS Academy partners share the vision of connecting a diverse generation of conservation leaders to America’s unrivaled natural and cultural assets.
American Conservation Experience
Visit American Conservation Experience for more information and/or to apply. Email us with any additional questions.

Last updated: April 3, 2019

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