Jenny Lake Renewal Project

New Bench and Pathway to Jenny Lake
New Bench and Paved Trail to Jenny Lake's East Shore
Jenny Lake Renewal
Summer 2018 is the last of five major construction seasons of the Jenny Lake Renewal Project—a $19 million renewal effort at Jenny Lake. During summer 2018, visitors continue to enjoy the results of the project on the west side of Jenny Lake, including a new viewing area at Hidden Falls and many reconstructed trails. Visitors are also beginning to see the results of the construction on the east side of the lake, including a new paved trail leading from the Jenny Lake Visitor Center to the lakeshore and spectacular new viewpoints. Interpretive exhibits and new benches will be installed along this trail during the summer season.

Construction continues at Inspiration Point, though visitors this summer will be able to enjoy "Lower Inspiration Point," a scenic viewpoint 0.3 miles up the trail from Hidden Falls. Construction work also continues in the front country around the visitor center, general store, restrooms, and boat dock. The project is expected to be complete toward the end of 2018.
What to Expect

Check at a visitor center for up-to-date information as closures and detours are always changing. Visitors can enjoy the newly completed Hidden Falls viewing area and continue 0.3 miles uphill to the scenic Lower Inspiration Point. At this point, the trail will dead-end as crews work to create a more sustainable traditional Inspiration Point viewing area. If hikers wish to access Cascade Canyon, they will need to use the horse trail bypass.

Parking at South Jenny Lake is extremely limited during the 2018 summer season. Plan on arriving early, before 9:00 am, or plan to visit late in the day, after 4:00 pm to have the best chance of finding a parking space.

During the 2018 construction season there is extremely limited bus, RV, and trailer parking at South Jenny Lake. Buses and RVs are encouraged to drop-off and pick-up passengers and park elsewhere. RVs and trailers may park on the South Jenny Lake access road or on the Teton Park Road. Parking in the pullouts on the Teton Park Road is encouraged. Vehicles parked along roads should be parked so that they are completely off the travel lane (to the right of the white fog line), while minimizing disturbance to roadside vegetation.
Map of South Jenny Lake Construction Area, 2018
Map of South Jenny Lake Construction Area, 2018.
Please check at a visitor center for current access.

Visitor Services

Restrooms –vault toilets and/or portable toilets will be available during construction. No flush toilets will be available.

Visitor Center –a temporary visitor center will provide trip planning, and information on trails, recommended hikes, weather and camping. Rangers will be available to answer questions on the park's natural and cultural history and offer limited ranger-led programs. Grand Teton Association retail area will be open for gifts, educational books and postcards. Operating Hours and Seasons.

Ranger Station –will remain open to provide information on climbing and mountaineering, climbing routes, current route conditions, and issue backcountry permits associated with overnight climbs. Operating Hours and Seasons.

Exum Mountain Guides –will remain open. Access and parking via the Lupine Meadows Road. Turn right after crossing the Cottonwood Creek bridge and follow the signs.

General Store –will remain open to provide camping and hiking supplies, groceries, gifts, books, postcards and snacks. Access from east side near visitor center. Operated by Grand Teton Lodge Co.

Jenny Lake Boating –The Jenny Lake shuttle boat will begin operations for the season in mid-May 2018. Jenny Lake Boating also offers scenic cruises. Check with the visitor center or see map for directions to the boat dock. Check with the visitor center or Jenny Lake Boating for times, prices and services offered.

Jenny Lake Campground –will remain open with only limited construction in the campground. Tents only. Operated by Grand Teton Lodge Co.

Multi-use pathway –will remain open. The pathway itself will we unaffected by the construction. Due to the limited amount of parking at South Jenny Lake, please choose another location from which to start your bike ride.

Map of Jenny Lake Area Trails, 2018
Map of Jenny Lake Area Trails, 2018.
Please check at a visitor center for current trail closures.

Trail Work

Check at a visitor center for up-to-date information on current trail closures and detours. Expect changing conditions and unexpected trail closures. For your safety, follow all detours and signs. There will be no through trail from Hidden Falls to Cascade Canyon during the summer of 2018 as trail crews will restore damaged areas and create a more sustainable viewing area and access trail. However, there will be access to both the Hidden Falls viewing area and the scenic Lower Inspiration Point.
Jenny Lake area trail before and after reconstruction
Jenny Lake area trail before and after reconstruction.

Grand Teton National Park Foundation

Hiking Tips
Plan Ahead
Check at a visitor center for information on trail closures before beginning your hike. Whether hiking around the lake or taking the shuttle boat across, you will be able to visit Hidden Falls, Lower Inspiration Point, and hike into Cascade Canyon this summer. There will be no through trail from Hidden Falls and Lower Inspiration Point into Cascade Canyon during the summer of 2018. Expect temporary trail closures and reroutes.

Come Early or Come Late
Late morning through early afternoon are crowded. Parking will be extremely limited during this time, which is roughly 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Avoid peak visitation for minimal hikers and easier parking.

Fewer People, Dramatic Scenery
Explore other lakeshore hikes in the park. Rangers will happily recommend favorites and help you plan an unforgettable day.

What is Inspiring Journeys?

An $19 million public-private partnership between Grand Teton National Park and its fundraising partner, Grand Teton National Park Foundation. The project will enhance the visitor experience in the area with improved trail conditions, restrooms, wayfinding, foot access to the lake, and interpretive information. The foundation has met their goal of raising $14 million for this project. Grand Teton has contributed $5 million to the project.

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For more information please visit the Grand Teton National Park Foundation website.

Last updated: August 14, 2018

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