Two large black, white and brown dogs on leashes on a trail in winter.
Dogs are welcome in Greenbelt Park. Protect your pet and others by making sure to B.A.R.K. while you're in the park: Bag your pet's waste and dispose of it properly, Always leash your pet, Respect Wildlife, and Know where you can go!

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National parks like Greenbelt Park can be great places to enjoy the outdoors with your dog. There are many areas in Greenbelt Park for you and your dog to explore! If you bring your dog to Greenbelt Park, please protect your dog, other people, and park plants and wildlife by following the rules below.

Service animals are welcome in Greenbelt Park. See link for details.

Remember to B.A.R.K.

B - Bag your pet’s waste and dispose of it properly

  • No one wants to hike on a trail littered with dog poop. Pack a bag for pet waste pick-up. Always pick up your dog's waste.
  • Bagging pet waste is important, but it's just the first step! The job is not done until you drop the waste in a trash can. If you’re not near a trash can, please pack it out!
  • Pet waste is a health hazard to pets, people, and the environment. Pet waste pollutes waterways and harms native plant life.

A - Always leash your pet

  • Leashes help protect your pet. When not contained in a carrier or crate, your dog must always be kept on a leash in Greenbelt Park.
  • Your pet's leash may be no longer than 6 feet in length, and the dog must be under your control. Do not leave your pet unattended at any time.
  • Leashing your dog helps protect it against animals who may be aggressive or sick. It also helps minimize the risk of parasites such as ticks..
  • Not everyone is a dog person. No matter how friendly and well-behaved your dog may be, other visitors may be frightened by dogs. Leashes protect the experience of visitors who may be allergic or afraid of dogs—or simply might not want to be approach by dogs they don’t know.
  • Off-leash dogs can harm the local environment by trampling sensitive plants, making an area more vulnerable to invasive species and other external threats.

R - Respect wildlife

  • Keep your distance from park wildlife. Remember: You and your pet are guests in the home of park wildlife.
  • Park animals might hurt your pet if they feel threatened. You are responsible for your pet’s safety.

K - Know where you can go

  • Pets are welcome throughout Greenbelt Park, except inside the ranger station.
  • Pets must never be left unattended. Do not leave your pet in your vehicle or tied to signs, posts, gates, bike racks, etc., without supervision.

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Last updated: March 13, 2024

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