Greenbelt Park Campground


Welcome to the Greenbelt Park Campground-
Campground Closed until Early 2021

We are hoping to reopen the A and B loops on May 20 and reopening the C and D loops on May 27.
We have suspended reservations and will resume when we know our opening date.

Thank you for your patience.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
The site numbers have changed in B, C, and D Loops. There is a RV limit of 32 feet (including tow vehicle) in B Loop and limited availabilty for larger vehicles (40 feet including tow vehicle) in D loop.

The mission of Greenbelt Park is to provide overnight camping facilities to meet the needs of individuals, families and groups visiting the Nation's Capitol by providing a program of day use reservation, picnicking, and interpretation, and to preserve the area's natural and pleasant environment.

The proximity of the park to the Nation's Capital brings numerous international as well as national visitors to the campground and the rest of the park.

The proximity of the park to the Nation’s Capitol brings numerous international as well as national visitors to the campground and the rest of the park.

Camping fee is $ 20.00 per night per site.

Fee is $10.00 for Golden Age, Golden Access, and the America the Beautiful Senior pass card holders.

Pay by Reservation ONLY.

Camping allowed in designated areas only.

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

A maximum of 3 tents, 2 vehicles, and 6 people are permitted per site.

It is prohibited to attach anything trees, shrubs, or other plants. This includes clotheslines, hanging lanterns, or other items. Driving nails, axes or knifes into vegetation is prohibited.

Check Out time is 12 NOON.

Use provided grills for fires. Clear the area surrounding the grill of any burnable debris and always completely extinguish fires before leaving.

Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. No generators or loud noise during this time. Wheels of all vehicles must remain on the pavement. This includes motorcycles, tent trailers, and RV’s.

Pets must be leashed at all times. Please clean up after your dog in respect to others.

Campsites must be kept clean and neat. Please dispose of any trash in the dumpsters.

Please apply the Leave NO Trace principles to camping.

Camping is limited to 14 days per calendar year.

Service sinks (utility) are located at each comfort station for dish washing. Do not use service sinks for bathing. Water spigots are provided throughout the campground. Bathing, washing or attaching hoses of any kind are not allowed at the spigots.

RV’s may use the water at the dump station to fill self-contained tanks. Campers must provide container for any waste fluids. Waste fluids may be disposed at the dump station located in Loop C.

Digging and disturbing any natural feature is prohibited. This includes rocks, leaves, vegetation, wildflowers and animals.

Please help us maintain these valuable resources for generations to come.

Speed Limit is 15 MPH. Please observe all traffic regulations. Watch for children, bicyclists, pedestrians, and wildlife.

Bicycles are allowed on paved roads only. Bicycles are prohibited on the trails.

a picture of a RV and a tent in the Greenbelt Park campground
two people near a tent
Come enjoy a night at the Greenbelt Park campground. Sites are only $20 per site.

Last updated: May 4, 2021

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