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For many visitors coming to the South Rim, Mather Point offers the first glimpse of a world wonder.

The National Park Service Mobile App has a collection of tools to explore Grand Canyon, and more than 400 National Park Service sites nationwide.

Find interactive maps, tours of park places, on-the-ground accessibility information, and much more to plan your national park adventures before and during your trip.


National Park Service App Features:

The NPS App was created by National Park Service staff—people who know national parks—to help you make the most of your visit. The NPS App takes authoritative information from park employees and combines it with a great suite of features. Here’s a quick look at some of those features.

  • Offline Use: No internet access? No problem! You can download content from entire parks for offline use. It’s especially handy if you’re exploring remote areas in parks or concerned about data limits.
  • Things to Do: What do you want to do in a park—hike? Take a bus tour or scenic drive? Visit a museum? Join a ranger program? Become a junior ranger? Discover all the fun, entertaining, and educational activities parks have to offer.
  • Interactive Maps: Each park has a detailed map that includes points of interest, along with roads, trails, and other information to plan your trip.
  • News, Alerts & Events: What’s happening? Get news and events for all parks—or selected parks of your choosing.
  • Park Tours: What is there to see? Self-guided tours take you to interesting places in the park. Discover popular destinations as well as places off the beaten track. It’s like having a ranger by your side to guide your trip, giving you suggestions for places to go, directions to get there, and things to do once you arrive.
  • Amenities: It's the little—and sometimes not so little—things that can make or break a park visit. Learn where you can find and access transportation, food, restrooms, shopping, and more.
  • Accessibility: The app offers a fully accessible experience with tools to benefit visitors with accessibility needs, such as audio descriptions of exhibits along trails and roads and in visitor centers.
  • Share Your Visit: Tell your friends and family about the fun things you did by creating and sharing virtual postcards with scenes from the park.

Using the App

Note: Cellular service and Wi-Fi are limited within Grand Canyon National Park, however, before you arrive, you can download the app, then you can use it in the park - when there is no internet connection.

Follow these steps before you arrive:.

  1. Download the NPS App.

  2. In the app, select "Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona".

  3. Select: "Save this park for offline use".

By doing this, most of the app content will be available for use in the park (the exceptions being real-time updates).

Even without cellular service, the app will be able to share your location on the map and bring up all site content.

(However, continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life).


Last updated: July 10, 2022

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