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What has a 9-foot (2.7 m) wingspan and a face only a mother could love?

The California condor.

Through articles and resources on this page, discover their life and death story and the science that saved this incredible bird.
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Have you ever wondered what it was like to soar above Grand Canyon? Watch as condors fly through one of the most scenic landscapes in the world.

Large bird with black body and a pink feather-less head perched on a white rock and looking at you.
California condor. NPS/M.Quinn
Perched on rocks, two young birds have black feathers covering their bodies and heads. One is in profile and the second is facing forward.l
Two young California condors, some of the first to fledge in the wild, after condors were reintroduced into the Grand Canyon region in 1996.

Photos circa 2004. Left: NPS/C.Olson, Right: NPS/M.Lellouch

Standing on a rock, with wings fully extended, a large black bird with a pink head. Attached to one wing is a tag that reads "87."
California condor with wings fully extended. NPS/M.Quinn

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