California Condor

  • The bald head of a California condor just visible among the dead branches of a tree.
    Species Information

    Find out more about the species taxonomy, life history, and identification. NPS Photo/ D. Doublet

  • A human hand covered with a glove that looks like a condor head feeds a captive raised chick.
    Re-introduction & Recovery

    In 1982, only 22 wild condors remained. To prevent extinction remaining animals were placed in zoos. Arizona re-introduction began in 1982.

  • An adult condor with it's bald head stand over a prostrate juvenile with a black head.
    Current Condor Updates

    Updates on the size of the wild population, breeding in the wild, nest success, and lead poisoning deaths.

  • Female condor number 87 in flight in the canyon.
    Learn from a Ranger

    Condor Ranger talks, Videos, Podcasts, Distance Learning. NPS Photo/ Kim Conrad Petersen

  • A dead and mangled condor lies on the ground.
    Threats to Condors

    Continued threats include loss of habitat, power lines, poisoned carcasses, and lead exposure from eating carrion contaminated by lead.

  • A photo of a fossil condor skull with a reference ruler under it.
    Condors in Pre-History

    Fossil evidence shows condors once occurred as far east as present-day New York and Florida. NPS Photo/ Steve Emslie


Last updated: August 1, 2017

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